Better Link Strategies For More Traffic

One focus of SEO in Denver would be to help improve a website's content. Since SEO is the process of optimizing a website to rank better in search results, it might be obvious that keywords and key phrases matter. While Bing and Yahoo! may still be driven by keywords quite a bit, Google has moved ahead in this realm. To enjoy high rankings in any competitive field, it takes more than an emphasis on keywords for content to rank well.

The Importance of Keywords and Phrases for SEO Content

Even though Google's ranking software has gotten much smarter about understanding content, it's probably still a good idea to sprinkle in some keywords and phrases. At the same time, it's important not to use a heavy hand with obvious keywords. A mention or two of the main keywords is probably fine. Besides these main phrases, synonyms may help too.

However, the real focus should be on delivering engaging content that tells readers and search engine bots why the page is relevant to a particular search. This might include attention to geographic area for local searches and something about the business behind the site. Most of all, the page really has to deliver upon the promise of the keywords in order to engage visitors and actually deliver more business.

For example, a page website about the "best Chinese restaurant in Denver," might focus on reasons why the restaurant is such a good place for Denver diners to try. This could include some content about the neighborhood around the restaurant, popular menu items, the chef's experience or training, and the great service that patrons might expect. From this content, readers and even Google's bots should get the main idea.

Why not focus on keywords as much? This is because Google is using more than simple keywords to decide which sites are the most popular and contain the best quality content. The algorithm considers user behavior too. If searchers click a link that proclaims a website belongs to the best restaurant, dentist, or shoe store, the website needs to back that claim up. If most visitors quickly back out to look for another website, that can have a negative impact on rankings.

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